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You recognize the importance of Instagram Marketing when it involves making e-commerce sales, you know Instagram gets more engagement than other social channels and you often post content on your Instagram account but somehow, your company’s Instagram growth just isn’t as impressive as you’d love it to be and you aren’t sure what to try next.

Growing a business Instagram account might sound hard, but it doesn’t need to be. Here are the top 8 important growth hacks to boost your Instagram account which will make any marketer’s job much easier and can also make engagement.

What is Instagram Marketing?

Instagram marketing is the way that brands use Instagram to connect with their target audiences and their offerings. Recently, it’s gained popularity as an exciting method for brands to point out off their cultures, recruit new employees, engage with customers, and show off products in a new light.

Instagram is one of the foremost popular social media platforms with a huge user base. Users can interact with each other by following, being followed, private messaging, and commenting on or liking photos or videos. The in-app filters and editing options Instagram offers make the app unique because it had been the first app to produce in-app editing to the current extent.

We can Classify Sorts of Instagram Ads Mainly As –

  • Stories ads
  • Photo ads
  • Video ads
  • Collection ads
  • Explore ads
  • IGTV ads
  • Carousel ads
  • Instagram Shopping ads

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Why Instagram Marketing Is Important To Boost Your Account?

  • Instagram can assist you to grow your brand awareness and introduce new products. 80% of Instagram users have made a sale supported by something they found on the platform. Instagram allows you to market your brand and merchandise in a friendly, authentic way without hard selling to your customers.
  • Instagram has approximately 25 million business accounts and a couple of million advertisers
  • 44%of Instagram’s active users use the platform for researching and discovering brands.
  • 53% of Instagram users follow the brands that his favorite on the platform.
  • Over 95 million posts are created on Instagram a day.
  • About 90% of Instagram users follow a minimum of one business.
  • It’s now a worldwide platform that permits brands to humanize their content, recruit new talent, showcase products, and encourage their audience.
  • Instagram marketing is just another strategy wont to spread your marketing materials across a given digital channel. What makes Instagram a superb platform is that a lot of are finding that they will implement influencer marketing to assist them to reach a wider audience.

How the Instagram Algorithm Works –

Before we get into our killer Instagram growth hacks, first you would like to know how the Instagram algorithm works. The social media platform revealed that “the order of photos and videos in your feed goes to be supported the likelihood you’ll have an interest within the content, your relationship with the person posting, and so the timeliness of the post.”

  • Interest – Instagram tries to serve you content supported by your past behavior concerning similar content.
  • Relationship – The algorithm prioritizes posts from accounts you interact with regularly, like through likes and comments.
  • Timeliness – Recent posts are prioritized over old ones.

If you’re engaging regularly with an account, the algorithm goes to select informed that and push it to the front of the queue.

Top 8 Hacks to Boost Your Instagram Account –

  • Have a Strategy
  • Focus on SEO
  • Curate User-Generated Content
  • Utilize Influencer Marketing
  • Use a Third-Party Tool
  • Tell a Story
  • Run Sales Campaigns
  • Utilize Video Content

Have a Strategy –

You won’t get very far together with your Instagram efforts unless you’ve got an in-depth strategy that clearly outlines your Instagram goals. Tactics you write down as a part of your strategy might include things like using influencer marketing, and Instagram account growth tool, or specializing in user-generated content.

If you need some ideas for what to include in your strategy, check out your competitors, such as companies that offer a similar product or service to yours and that are about the same size. As you get started with Instagram growth, it doesn’t matter what’s on your startup strategy, you can tweak and refine things later as you figure out what works for you.

Focus on SEO –

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) could be a common tactic utilized by marketers as it’s the practice of using keywords to assist content rank as high in search engine results as possible. SEO is most often used for blog posts and web copy, but SEO can be used to help your Instagram account show up in search results, too. The upper your Instagram page ranks in search results, the more followers and growth you’ll get so it’s not something to overlook.

Search engines will crawl your Instagram bio, that’s the foremost important place to place in some keywords which will facilitate your rank. You simply have 150 characters in your Instagram bio, so it’s a large order to explain who you’re and what you are doing while including many keywords. By getting your Instagram account to rank in search engine results, your page will see more traffic and more growth.

Curate User-Generated Content –

Consumers are 7 times more likely to buy from a brand than their peers suggest tags from your customers on social media content can help you identify new prospects that you might not have reached on your own. In short, User-Generated Content (UGC) produces growth, growth, and more growth in different ways.

When you set out to launch a UGC campaign, create a specific hashtag that your customers can use so all your user-generated content will be in one place. What do you do with all of this user-generated content once you have it? Repost your favorite photos, or hold a competition and give one photo a gift card as a prize. You can also add your UGC hashtag feed to your website so your website visitors can find your Instagram and UGC content easily.

Utilize Influencer Marketing –

Influencer marketing is an effective way to grow your Instagram account and get more eyes on your content. It is the practice of utilizing people with a big social platform to promote products, and it’s a marketing tactic that’s growing very quickly by 2020, it should be an $8 billion industry. Influencer marketing works, because people trust recommendations from friends, so people also trust recommendations from influencers who feel like friends.

People also tend to trust micro-influencers just as much, if not more, than big celebrities because micro-influencers generally produce content themselves, making it feel authentic instead of glossy and staged. Micro-influencers have a smaller following, but their followers are generally more engaged.

The one drawback of influencer marketing is that it can get expensive. So if you can’t afford big influencers yet or you just want to dip a toe in the water, try working with micro-influencers first. So when you choose a micro-influencer that’s in the same industry or sub-industry as your company, you can feel confident that the target audience of the influencer will be your target audience, too.

Use a Third-Party Tool –

Many Instagram marketers use a third-party growth service so they can focus their time on other things while their account continues to grow. For example, Kicksta is an Instagram growth service that helps you get more organic followers. The way it works is: You sign up, tell Kicksta who your target audience is, and then they use your account to begin engaging with people who might be interested in your company.

Before you know it, many of those users will start following you back and you’ll see increased Instagram growth. Kicksta saves you over two and a half hours each day with these growth tactics used to increase your brand awareness and get you more followers and also provide an analytics dashboard.

Tell a Story –

Storytelling is powerful, there’s no doubt about that. Our brains are wired for a story, we instantly connect to them. Telling stories through your brand’s Instagram profile can help your account grow. Your product helps your customers live their dream and achieve their goals so the content you’re publishing on Instagram should make that clear.

There are four big steps to creating story-based content:

  • Define your target audience. Think about who they currently are age, gender, location, education level, profession, hobbies, and all those other details.
  • Think about whom your target audience wants to be. What are they striving for? Where do they want to end up in life?
  • How does your product or service help your target audience reach their goals?
  • Finally, create content that tells the story of how your company will help them get there.

Run Sales Campaigns –

Sales campaigns such as contests, giveaways, and discount codes all serve as Instagram growth hacks because they can help you grow your account. Let’s break down each type of sales campaign and talk about the best way to execute them.


When you host a contest on Instagram, your users typically have to act such as like one of your photos, follow your account, or tag a few friends to have the opportunity to win. Some brands also run contests where fans have to post a photo to enter. For instance, you could run a contest where your fans have to share a picture of themselves holding or using your product. Contests like this have a huge reach plus they also help create User-Generated Content (UGC) which we discussed above as being an effective Instagram growth tactic on its own.


When it comes to Instagram growth, you can’t just give products away at random. Instead, to enter giveaways, your followers should be required to do something that will help get your brand in front of more eyes.


Discount codes will help boost engagement on your Instagram profile and can lead to more traffic through word-of-mouth. Consider running a one-day-only 50% off sale for a certain product, or offer seasonal discount codes and encourage your followers to tag friends and spread the love.

Utilize Video Content –

The demand for video content is only continuing to grow and videos in Instagram Stories are equally as popular. In a nutshell, people like video content so by posting more videos, you can help grow your account. User-time spent watching videos is up more than 80 percent year-over-year.

There are several types of videos you can post on Instagram: Videos in your feed, videos on Instagram Stories, and videos on IGTV. Post videos of your products, share videos that tell your brand story, and curate User-Generated Content (UGC) in the form of videos.

Conclusion –

We have tried to provide you the best hacks to boost your Instagram account within Instagram Marketing, you can work on them to get more engaged followers on Instagram. Yes, Instagram growth can be hard but by following these 8 Instagram growth hacks, you’ll see more followers, more engagement, and, ultimately, more sales.

Growing your Instagram account can often seem like a challenge, but if you follow the right techniques and strategies, you could get more Instagram followers in 2020! Remember it’s a combination of creative content, targeting the right audiences, and promoting your business in the right way. Try out some of these tips and see how much your account can grow this year!


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