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2021, a year of complete digitalization, can take you through lots of ups and downs and finally will bring you to a new era, where kids don’t show their hunger to their mother anymore but to food delivering apps. This is the era of building marketing online, where the marketers talk about Search engine optimization (SEO) and gathering more traffic to their website. In this era of digital competition, one of the burning topics is backlinks.

So, the backlinks, rather known as ‘ inbound link’, ‘one-way link’ are generally created when one website from a page is linked to another website. Backlinks are one of the three major important factors for SEO ranking, confirmed by Google itself. Every year thousands of changes take place in the ‘Page rank’ algorithm of Google and another search engine, but the Backlink remains the most important ‘ key ranking signal’.

There are hundreds of tools present in search engines that can find appropriate backlinks for your website, but here we will talk about a backlink generator tool like “ahrefs.com”. But before diving into the large sea of ahrefs let’s know about backlink more.

Understanding the concept of backlink:

There are two main scenarios present to understand the world of backlink simply:

  1. You get a backlink from other websites when they link to your site on their page.
  2. When you link other websites to your page, they get a link from you.

Importance of backlink:

As we already know backlinks are one of the important factors in the case of SEO algorithm and growth of your website.

If many pages link to your site again and again, the search engine will consider your site as worth linking as well as worth surfacing on a SERP. It’s something like, other websites are giving their vote to search engine for your site and making sure that your website is

“Genuine, valuable and Useful”.

So, technically more the votes your site gets, the higher your site rank in the eyes of Google and other search engines.

A study of backlinko.com and its data partner ahrefs.com :

These tool measurement websites analyzed almost 11.8 million search result to answer the question,” which factor correlate most with SERP ranking?

The answer they got after the analysis was

“It’s important for SEO to get backlinks from different websites. There is a CORRELATION between the number of the domain linking to a page and its ranking on the first page.”

Type of backlink:

Let’s have a quick look at the types and effect of the backlinks:

  • Type 1:

No follow backlink:

  • Passes no value to another site
  • Tells the search engines to ignore a link.
  • Hold no value in capturing SERP ranking.


  • Type 2:

Do follow the backlink:

  • The type of backlink which adds actual value to a site.
  • Helps in improving your search engine ranking.


  • Toxic backlink:

Everything has its cons. Backlinks are not the exception. Some do follow links bring link from suspicious sites breaking the terms and services of search engine. They are known as bad or toxic backlinks. Google can deindex your site by penalizing the site.

The ways of getting more backlinks:

It needs time and patience to build a good reputation for your website. The only thing that matters is to generate quality backlinks. Let’s talk about some effective ways to build quality backlinks for your website. The ways are:

  • Start doing the marketing. Contact the influencers of your niche industry and tell them about your website and ask them if they want to link.
  • Take the help of your social media profile and add a link to your site there.
  • Improve and expand a well-ranked post by searching for it in Google or any other search engine.
  • Try to have more effective backlinks by writing a guest post on popular websites.
  • Write a post with embedded videos containing more links than the usual post.
  • Try to interview the influencers as well and send them the link as well. In return, they will link back.


Competitive backlink research:

Competition is everywhere.

So competitive analysis of backlinks should also be one of the best tools in the race of page rank.

So you need to understand who are your competitors?

The other websites in your industry sharing a similar audience to yours are your competitors. During making the digital strategy, a good website always researches about its competitor’s website, online authority, number of backlinks present.

The Competitive backlink research allows someone to:

  • Analyze the competition present in the same industry:

You will have a chance to understand how well your competitors are presenting and performing. It will let you understand what you need to do to compete with them in the eyes of the readers and customers.

  • It helps to keep an eye on others:

You will be able to keep track of why your competitor’s site is ranking well. You can check their backlink portfolio if they get the higher page rank and can work on whatever helped them to earn their position.

  • Tell you to identify the competitor’s strategy in case of earning backlinks:

When you identify your competitor’s profile as having a higher rank, you will start gathering the information related to backlinks to improve your profile.

Anchor Text:

These are the clickable words that create backlinks that influence ranking in their original patent.

But it’s not as important as other things in the case of page rank.

In a study, Google checked 384614 pages and identified that the correlation between the anchor text and correlations is weak.

Checking backlinks by Google search console:

Google search console is a free tool that provides you the data about the organic search traffic and entire performance of your website.

Master of SEO toolset:

In this age of digital fight, your main goal should be to improve the entire algorithm of your website to provide the customers freshest and actual backlinks data.

Ahrefs.com is one of the best well-known toolsets for backlinks and SEO analysis and tries to follow all new trends in the world of SEO, SEM by reflecting the new features in the tools and technologies.

Some of the main handy tools that this site offer:

  • Site Explorer tool:

You may easily analyze the backlink profile of your site as well as your competitor’s site with the help of this tool by exploring the most profitable keywords for organic and paid search.

  • Keyword explorer tool:

It will help you to get effective keyword ideas and estimation of traffic.

  • Site audit tool:

This will take care of SEO issues and the SEO health of your site by analyzing it.

  • Rank tracker tool:

This tool will give you to get a daily/weekly/monthly report of your desktop and mobile ranking for any location.

Besides this, this toolset master will keep you notified about keyword ranking, web mentions, and new or lost backlinks.

The specificity of ahrefs is it always tries to add new ideas for link building, content analysis, export and import of any data, different charts, and graphs for better understanding and visual representation.

Ahrefs tells you the features of a good backlink:

According to ahrefs, not all backlinks are having the same quality and utility as well. They are never equaled. So some features make effective backlinks comparatively.

  • Authority:

Ahrefs.com found the clear relationships between page-level authority and organic traffic. Authority is generally transferred more from the strong web pages than those from the quick one.

  • Relevance:

Let’s assume a photographer got backlinks from two different pages, one about the grocery shopping and another about the lens of the camera in which the second one is most valuable. This idea plays out the same for the relevancy of backlinks also. Search engine places more value to the relevant backlinks because people tend to click more on them.

  • Traffic:

Ahref.com has a recent study about the traffic in which they took the organic traffic of top-ranking pages for 44589 keywords and found a clear correlation between ranking and organic search traffic.

If you want to have more referral traffic, you have to take bits of help from high-traffic pages.

  • Placement:

Prominent placements of links are very important. You have to keep them in the main content using attractive fonts and colors to acquire more clicks. Properly placed links on the web pages pass more authority than the others which are not placed properly in the content.


Checking backlinks Using Ahrefs.com:

If you want to check backlinks to a website that you don’t own, use Ahrefs’ free backlink checker.

Let’s know the process:

  • Enter an URL or domain and hit the option “Check backlinks”. You will get a total number of backlinks, links from unique websites along with the top 100 backlinks.
  • For individual backlink, you will get details like
  • Referring page: Target page
  • Domain Rating (DR): measures the strength of the linked website.
  • Traffic: Total organic search traffic in a time interval to the linking page.
  • URL Rating (UR): Measure the strength of the linked web page
  • Top 5 pages:

You will get the chance to check the five most linked pages by clicking this option.

Take the help of Ahrefs Site Explorer to find the full list of backlinks for any particular page or website.

Ahrefs’ alert tool, the secret worker:

No wonder, everybody is thinking about how an alert tool can get you more backlinks.

But this is the tricky game of this tool. Five effective real-time alerts will help you find more opportunities in the field of backlinks.

  • Brand mention alert:

It’s a great way to find all the unlinked mentions related to your site’s name. Anytime someone mentions your site, your brand, and leaves without linking to your site, you will get an alert. So that, you can ask them to link to you.

  • Intruder technique:

The main goal of this alert tool is to find the sites that are mentioning more than two of your direct competitors except you.

  • Related keywords alert:

It’s impossible to attract your user’s eyes every time. They are not always searching for your brand but the related items. With this tool, you can set up an alert to check the mentions of content that are highly relevant to your brand or product.

  • Content explorer request:

It’s a different tool from mentioning the alert only. Here, you can use the content explorer which helps you share the same database as the other alert tools. You can also use them to search for finding existing mentions.

  • The Hype man:

It will help you to find the people who are constantly reviewing your competitor’s site by sending an email alert. You can use them and recruit them to promote your product as well.

Hope now you have complete knowledge about the backlinks, their importance, ways of creating backlinks, and most importantly the smart Ahrefs academy.

Building backlinks is a slow but effective process. Sometimes big companies start to build great links without even investing in new content.

On the other hand, ahrefs intend to stay focused on helping users to make it more accessible to make Search Engine more profitable to the brand.

So, take my advice and give it a try and experience the miracles happening to your site.

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