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Wondering how to create amazing Facebook advertising? But don’t have expertise. Do not worry. Keep on reading this blog in order to fall in love with Facebook Ads.

In this article, we will share our best strategies and all tips that will help you in creating some unbeatable Facebook ad campaigns. After reading this you will get a good knowledge of how to create a professional Facebook page, page rank, Facebook page audit, Facebook ad structure, ad manager, Fb business manager, how to run ads on Facebook. But first, we should know why Facebook?

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Why Facebook advertising?

In this digital era, everybody wants to be online. Every business wants an online presence. And Facebook helps companies to grow online. According to statistics, 80% of internet users are on Facebook. So, if you are not having a presence on Facebook, you are missing out on a very big part of your audience.

Importance of Facebook advertising?

  • Reports show that most people spent at least around 30 minutes daily on Facebook. And a major benefit of Facebook advertising is the ability to reach your targeted audience. Facebook allows you to target your audience according to age, interests, behavior, and location.
  • Also, Facebook advertising is the cheapest way of advertising. You can reach many people by spending less amount. So, Facebook ads help you in reducing your marketing cost. They are cost-effective.
  • Facebook ads are very fast. You can get fast results and so, one can generate leads very fast compared to any other medium of advertising.
  • You can get good website traffic if you run your Facebook ad wisely.

There are many benefits of Facebook ads and it is very highly effective.

But to get the most out of your Facebook ad campaign your ad should be perfectly, here are all the tips and tricks that you would require to make a perfect Facebook ad.

Step by step guide on Facebook Ads:

How to create a Professional Facebook page

  • A Good Facebook page always creates a good impression on the customer. It attracts your customer.

To make a good professional Facebook page you should –

– Add a business logo or a recognizable profile picture.

– Add a cover photo.

– Post daily content.

– Provide valuable content.

– Add call-to-action buttons.

– Optimize the ‘ABOUT’ section on the page.

Click here – How to create a Professional Facebook page

How to give admin access to another person?

After creating a page. As a freelancer, or as a digital marketing agency when you are handling client’s Facebook pages. You come across this question a lot of times that how can you share admin access with a client or any other member from your team. You can add admins to your page from page settings you will get an option of page role. You give different roles to different people from this option. There are many options available you can add them as an editor so that they can only edit the page. You can add them as an advertiser. Give admin access to the client so that client is also able to check the insights and they also can analyze the growth of the page.

Click here- how to give admin access

Facebook ad objective-

Before running ads first thing is to find out your objective. Find why you want to run ads.

Your objective can be anything brand awareness, More reach, Messages, Engagement, More video views, Lead generation. So, before running ads define your objective and what is your goal.

Click here- Facebook ad objective.

Facebook ad structure

Facebook ads manager consist of 4 tabs-

– Account overview

– Campaign level settings

– Ad sets

– Ads

In the campaign level setting, you have to set a name for your campaign. You have to select your objective and you need to fill other basic information. After that you will reach the ad set level here you get different settings as per your objective. In this level, you get to choose your targeted audience. You can choose your audience as per location, age, gender, interest, and behavior.

Click here-Facebook ad structure.

But now the question arises on how to find an audience?

How to find an audience?

Finding the right audience is a very important task. If you are not targeting the right audience then you are wasting your time and money because the wrong audience will not give you money and business. And the campaign you ran will be a big disaster. To find the right audience you should spy on a competitor. What type of ad they are running, what type of audience they are targeting by this you will get a basic idea about your audience. In any business knowing your customer is a very important thing. so, always know your customer well and after that run ads.

Click here- How to find an audience?

Facebook audience insight tool-

The Facebook Audience Insights Tool is the most powerful marketing tool available to paid traffic marketers and Facebook advertisers. From this tool, you will get data about your audience.

You will get an actual number which will help you in comparison and analysis and you will be able to target your audience well. if you have targeted the right audience you will get good results from the campaign.

Click here- Facebook audience insight tool

How to track the audience from google analytics.

One way to find an audience is google analytics. Google Analytics is one of the best tools by google. It has many benefits. Google Analytics is useful because the data it collects is ongoing and in real-time. This means that you can create reports, compare metrics, and check performance on whatever basis you want—hourly, daily, monthly, yearly. Google Analytics benefits your business by providing you more insight into the people who visit your website. You can gather demographic information on visitors such as age, gender, and location. With this information, you can identify who among your target audience is most likely to convert.

Click here- How to track the audience from google analytics.

Detailed audience setting –

In this feature of Facebook, you get to set the audience in a detailed way, like you can target audience on the base of life events they have, pages they like, pages they follow, Mobile devices they use, colleges they study, company they work in, their financial status ETC. This is what makes Facebook ads different than others.

Click here- Detailed audience setting.

Facebook ad placement-

Ad placement means the places where you can run your ads are called placements. Here you get two options, one is automatic ad placement and manual placement. In automatic ad placement, Facebook will decide automatically from your selected objective that your ad should be placed on feed, story, video, Facebook feed right corner or anywhere else. But in the manual placement, you get to decide where you want to place your ad.

It is recommended that you choose an automatic ad placement.

Click here-Facebook ad placement.

How to make dynamic ads-

To make a good ad you should do a lot of research. You can research on competitor ads. You can go to the competitor’s Facebook page and see which type of ads they are running. You can use spy tools to spy on competitors.

– Important point while creating ads always remember one rule that is 80-20 rule. That in your ad Image you should add only 20% text. If your image is according to this then there are high chances that you will get good results.

– Always check your image format it should be according to Facebook.

Click here- How to make dynamic Facebook ads.

How to add payment method in Facebook-

You can add debit cards, credit cards or you can use internet banking or any other payment methods. you can create multiple accounts for different clients. You can manage all your accounts from the ads manager. In ads manager, you can see how much money is spent to date, which campaign is currently on. you can change budgets and you can make changes to ongoing campaigns. In the ads manager, you can do an analysis of your campaign result.

Click here-How to add a payment method to Facebook

ABC module in ad making-

A-     Attract people

In this step, you need to create awareness about your brand. you need to attract your audience.

B-     Build a relationship-

In this step, you build relationships with your customer. After attracting customers, you need to make a relationship with the customer. You can give free or demo products to customers and this way you can win their trust.

C-     Convert into sales

After building relationships with customers you can change those leads into sales. provide good value and you can get a loyal customer.

Click here- what is the ABC module in ad making?

How to create lead generation form

you can create a lead generation form on Facebook from the ad manager. You can ask questions like name, email, and mobile number ETC whatever information you want to know. Provide your website URL so that customers can visit your website. Add a thank you note in the end. good form can create a good impression.

Click here-How to create a lead generation form

Facebook business manager vs Facebook ads manager-

Facebook ad manager is for the individual Facebook pages. You can run ads and campaigns for one business page but when you have multiple clients then the Facebook business manager helps.

Ad Manager has limited features and you have to give access to every people. But the business manager has more features and it helps you in managing clients. The business manager creates transparency between the marketer and the client.

Click here- Facebook Business Manager VS Facebook Ad Manager.

How to set up a Facebook business manager –

– Go to

– Click Create Account.

– Add your business details.

After creating a business manager account, you can create multiple accounts for different clients and you can easily work.

Click here- How to set up a Facebook business manager.

How can you manage multiple clients-

You can add 5 business managers in one account that is the limit. You can connect your business manager with the client’s business manager and after that, It would be easy for you to handle all the clients. clients can also analyze results. Clients can give limited access to the marketer. this feature is to save clients privacy.


Before running an ad you should always research. Spy on your competitors and learn what is going on in the market. Always research your targeting audience and do analysis.

This process can be time-consuming but if you do not target the right audience you will not get good results. After spending a good marketing budget everybody expects good results and for that, you need to make a good ad. Facebook provides you many tools to create amazing ads. so you should use all the features wisely and smartly and you can achieve your sales goals.

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