Digital Marketing in India -How it Started and Where is it Heading

Digital marketing in India

In such a vast country as India, which has a population of nearly 125 crores, the concept of Digital Marketing is gaining utmost significance with time. Every year, the growth of Internet users in India is around 10%, approximately 33-35 million new users. Moreover, 55% of the total population of India will be using the internet by 2025 as per a report. Thus, the peak of the huge industry of Digital Marketing is yet to come in India.

  • The number of Indian users, in 2020 who are present on Social Media platforms like:
      1. Facebook: 35 crore users 
      2. YouTube: 26.5 crore users
      3. Instagram: 8 crore users
      4. LinkedIn : 6.2 crore users

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Digital Marketing in India: How it started?

In India, internet services were launched in the year 1995, but till that time, the world’s first-ever Search Engine, ‘Archie’ had already been launched in 1990 in some developed countries. The first Social Media platform, ‘Six Degrees, was launched in 1997. It was 1998 when Google came into existence. E-commerce sites like Amazon and e-bay were also launched in this decade and subsequently, the word ‘Digital Marketing’ was coined.

This decade of the 1990s witnessed the primitive stage of Search Engine Optimization. Techniques like Keyword stuffing and Tagging were used. 

The era of 2000s saw the birth of some very powerful social media platforms like:

  • LinkedIn :  2003
  • Facebook: 2004
  • YouTube: 2005
  • Twitter: 2006

Blackberry, iPhone, and other smartphone companies enabled users to have mobile internet access which led to the habit of people surfing and searching the internet via their smartphones. Moreover, Google Mail was launched in 2004, which set up the stage for E-mail marketing. Digital Marketing got its seed impetus in this decade as the usage of multi-channel marketing campaigns started. 

Instagram and Pinterest were launched in 2010. This decade from 2010-11 onward, gave birth to Influencer Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, and provided wider scope for Social Media Marketing, SEO, Online Public Relations, and Content writing. 

Slightly upgraded internet connectivity with the 3G technology allowed a comparably speedy surfing experience to users. With the massive internet revolution with Reliance Jio’s 4G internet services and its intensive sales promotion, Digital Marketing grew to leaps and bounds as the number of internet users in the country increased drastically. There are approximately 56 crore internet users in India, out of which, nearly 37 crore people are Jio users.


  • Increasing Use of Smartphones:

In India, approximately 50 crore people use smartphones. The number of mobile users in our country increased 15% over the last 2 years. An Indian spends about 2.4 hours daily on Social Media, which is similar to the global average. Such an opportunity where the audience spends so much time daily should be grabbed by the Digital Marketers efficiently.

  • Digital India Initiative by the Government:

It was launched in 2015 by our Prime minister Narendra Modi. Its main objective is to provide a high-speed internet network to rural areas. Around 65% of the Indian population lives in rural areas. This is a big opportunity as so many new digital audiences can be targeted as per their different profiles.

Our Indian digital economy is expected to grow to $1 trillion by 2022 with the boost of this initiative. Google announced in July 2020 that under this scheme, it plans to invest 75,000 crores ( $10 billion ) in India over the next 5-7 years. 

  • Customer-Centric Personalization: 

User-generated content and Big Data are used for customizing Digital marketing techniques for the audience. User-generated content plays a role in empowering the audience, while Big Data enables the Digital marketer to provide unique experiences to the customers as per their individual requirements.

  • Reaching the Global Audience:

There are no geographical boundaries in Digital marketing which makes it convenient to reach our desired audience, be in it any part of the world. Marketers can target any audience which matches their required profile. Products can be easily sold and Services can be smoothly provided to the customers through effective digital platforms to customers in different countries. 

  • High Online Engagement Rates:

As today’s generation is very tech-savvy, they find it cool to be on various social media platforms. They keep their profiles updated, follow people, which may include friends, family, actors, politicians, meme-pages, etc. Likes, Comments, and shares have now become a part of the daily routine for them.

Due to such indulgence of the audience, Brand building, Sales, Customer service can be done more easily than the traditional means. Nearly 50% of Smartphone users shop online, whether from E-Commerce sites or Social media platforms.

  • Chat-Bots:

Chat-bots are extremely effective in providing Customer service and problem-solving. This practice saves a lot of time and cost for digital marketers. Chatbots on websites, social media accounts are known to increase the engagement rate also. 

These are also very helpful for funnels as Chat-bots can lead the customers to a conversation with the real business executives for any business transaction. 

  • Agile Marketing:

It means the use of current trending affairs in the digital marketing communications of a brand. It is generally very cost-effective and a rapid means of communicating with the audience. Amul has been an active user of Agile marketing as it regularly posts content based on recent social events, be it any sports victory, tributes, political agendas, etc.

  • Buzz/Viral Marketing:

It is the marketing of a brand that is done by its users digitally, not by the brand itself. Actors, Politicians, use this technique for their campaigns. Akshay Kumar’s ‘The Bala Challenge’, is a prime example of viral marketing.

  • Virtual/Augmented Reality Marketing:

AR and VR advertisements are now used to provide the audience a very realistic environment related to the product/service, which enhances the customer experience. 

Shopping websites of eyeglasses use this technology nicely to show the individual users how they would look when they wear a specific pair of glasses.

  • Artificial Intelligence:

Tech giants like Google, Amazon, use AI systems that can predict what the audience would search for based on their past shopping and search history. This enables effective targeting by businesses to the audience which can be their most appropriate prospects

  • Careers and Opportunities in Digital Marketing.

In this digital era around 59% of the Indian population are expected to use the internet by 2021 on daily basis out of which 79% access the internet through their mobile phones. People more engage towards internet companies over traditional retailers and 90% of Indian brand spends around 15% for digital marketing.

Click Here – Top Career and Job Opportunities in Digital Marketing in 2020

There are various opportunities and career position mentioned below:

Click HereCareer In Digital Marketing 2020

  • Digital Marketing Manager:

This is the second-highest position in this field after digital marketing head. A person should have experience of at least 5+ years and the necessary certification for this position. Salary credentials: 4-10 lakh INR

  • SEO Executives :

Search engine optimization refers to building a website or web page in search engine results. SEO works on analyzing, optimizing, and reviewing websites using SEO tools and techniques. One needs to make powerful content with suitable keywords to rank a website. It is a life-changing algorithm that needs to be updated on daily basis. Salary credentials: 3-7 lakh INR   

  • Social Media Marketer:

As the name suggests, Social media marketing means managing a company’s goodwill on a social media platform like Facebook, Instagram, Linked In, Twitter, Pinterest, etc. A person needs to create content and posting that content on social media and to keep watch on customers’ engagement and impressions. Paid advertisement plays an important role in generating more leads Salary Credentials: 3.5-7 lakh INR.

  • Content Marketing Manager:

The Content Marketing Manager has to create content for the digital platform. IT can be in the form of Blogs, Videos, Articles, Email newsletters, Social Media Content. Etc. The main aim of social media marketers is to create valuable content and distribute it across the relevant channel to attract an audience and generate website traffic. Salary credentials: 2.5-5 lakh INR.   

  • Google Ad Manager

Nowadays Google is the most used search engine for anything, therefore it promotes direct sales. Google Ad manager’s strategies Ad campaign, strategies, budgeting, and targeting secure that to reach the right customer. This activity ensures that the ads reach the intended customer and transfigure into paying one.


It is a fact that Marketing is the backbone of every company. Nowadays the technology is getting more advanced and people are more oriented towards a digital platform. Day by day mobile phones are getting cheaper and the number of internet users keeps increasing, Besides the growth of modern technology, the way of doing business has also changed. People are more likely to prefer digital platforms over traditional ones. To grab this golden opportunity in this digital planet adapting Digital Marketing is the best strategy. The benefits of digital marketing: flexible, independent, large audience, high engagement rate, high income, career-oriented, high growth. Thus Digital marketing in India grows immensely.  

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