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Back in the world, it was really difficult to open a Digital Marketing Agency of your own as no one would have any knowledge to invest in the company. However, in the 21st century, Digital Marketing has good prospects with marketing, networking, video making tools available online in the market. At the same time, data is easily available at low costs. Opening an agency in the current situation would need a few things but one thing that will stand out of the box is an individual’s self-Education in Digital Marketing.

Time has changed.

 Digital Marketing is one of the best ways for a startup to get its ROI. It is surely possible for any skilled individual or a small team to create a fully functional Marketing Agency from zero in a few months. In today’s world nearly 60% of the companies are spending their money on a marketing budget for Digital Advertising as everyone wants to be viewed online, get praised, and earn more money. I will guide you through the five steps you need to follow if you want to build an online marketing Agency from ground zero.

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        1. Upskill with Demanded Skills

Before beginning, it’s vital to teach oneself as well as comprehend yourself about advanced advertising for offices. You will have to put a great time into learning as well as handling business with all the small steps required. It might take a very long time for some to assemble the abilities. Notwithstanding, I trust you have to hold down a genuine activity for quite a while before you adventure out all alone.

Initially, everyone has fear to face their first client meeting. I also had a little bit of fear of what might client ask but the answer would be dealt with a great amount of professionalism. Your attitude and personality determine a lot of what you are thinking about. It also happens at work where the client is pondering you again & again and thinking you’ve sold a scam to them. At this time, you will have to drive the conversation through results. This will help to lower their horsepower.

Some various ideas you’ll need to comprehend are PPC (pay-per-click promoting), SEO, email advertising efforts, designing ads, and building landing pages. You will have to try on all the free SEO tools available online for an online marketer. 

       2. Specify your niche:  

Honestly, it can be tricky, to know all of your interests and passions. It’s always good to learn rather than procrastinating.  You can enter the market, test out the ideas you have in your mind and learn from your failures and success. If it doesn’t seem to work, you can always learn from your previous failures and move ahead with new ideas. 

If you are still struggling to find the right niche for you, I am drawing down some points which might help you in some way. 

  •  Do a SWOT analysis (identifying your interest and passion, also a “why” did you started)
  •  Analyzing what problem you might be able to solve
  •  Of Course, Pros and cons of your selected Niche
  •  Researching what competitors in your niche are currently standing
  •  Testing everything done in the above 4 steps will help you determine your true niche.

This will help you define your niche of being specialized in a particular industry, helping to focus on one niche and cater services to the clients. Getting Clients on the board, strengthening your skillset, and having a competitive advantage will provide value to your business in the long run.

          3. Having a Social Media presence with targeted keywords

When you start a Digital Marketing Agency it is very important to have your presence on all the social media platforms as it’s free to create an account under your business name. You can benefit from organic lead generation, engaging with customers and potential customers, and then outreach your business globally. Having a social media presence will help your website rank higher against your competitors. Also, the content and the reviews about your agency will determine the client’s decision to work with you.

Generating leads is the main output of your presence on Social Media platforms. You have to work on content as well as maintaining hashtags to making your page more engaging to all its followers. The main focus after content should be on infographics. It acts as the game-changer to many of the new Digital Marketing Agencies. To me Social media proved a pathway for your future clients coming your way. My own Digital Marketing company has a tagline attached to it; it is “Content is the King”.

            4. Scaling your destination step by step 

Personally, this is the step where planning is very important when building a Marketing Agency. It is very important to have a realistic budget to survive for the first 3-4 months. The expenses will include your office rents, bills to be paid, and salary to the employees. It is also important to showcase your best skills to the public which goes first. Managing everything will help you rectify the talent in the market with the right skills and knowledge. Although hiring new talent will throw an additional layer of capital complexity but to get out of this, you will need to create a sales funnel that will help you have financial freedom of mind. It will include an important question like how long the customers are staying with you. How fast you are providing ROI to the customers? How your engagement/communication flow with the client? What are the new ways of acquiring more client projects onboard?

Acquiring new customers by recommendations and reviews play a huge role and you’ll have to deal with their expectations. The genre can be changed easily at any point of time in the business preventive knowing that particular field. E.g. You should have some kind of construction knowledge when it comes to clients from the infrastructure perspective.

Pro tip– hire people who will only focus on Lead generation and Social media marketing because the more clients on the board, the more money flowing in the business.

          5. Bulk out your workforce with freelancers 

This is something that I did when I started my Marketing Agency. After 3 months I had around 18 clients with me on board and getting more projects to which, I needed people to work for me. I needed to finance a highly effective workforce at a low cost for a start. The best way is to have freelancers on contract. Freelancers help you complete the work effectively at a low cost. Getting the right one for the right project is bliss. You can run content on your Instagram or Facebook profile to attract the right candidate for the work. 

There are many Freelancers websites where you can sign up and publish your requirement. The right candidates having the skill will apply. I had two people joining under me and that helped me handle all the work. Freelancing is always the best strategy but one can be cautious when hiring them to look for the one who will do the work and edits as per the client’s requirements. It would be recommended to quote a price for your projects at a high level where you afford to hire freelancers. 

Having the option to assign repetitive or tedious undertakings to a believed temporary worker is an immense burden taken off your shoulders when you’re centered around taking on the business. This strategy permits you to scale to a point where having full-time representatives bodes well. The temporary workers may choose to go along with you full time if things work out in a good way and they have just demonstrated their potential to you.

In the end, make sure your content is very unique from what other competitors convey with a proper website built and interlinked correctly. Always build and rank your website and Social Media First and not your clients because clients will see your testimonials, reviews, and the goodwill you have in the market. Always aim to understand your target audience better because at the end of the day that will matter the most. Everything I have marked down in this blog is been experienced in real life and these are the 5 best ways for one to start a Digital Marketing Company. Please bear in mind that everything takes time. 

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