Free Webinar On How To Run YouTube Ads

About Digital Sandip

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  • Consulted over 100 organizations

  • Guest lecturer Over 100 for leading B School 

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What Will You Learn

  • How to setup your YouTube channel

  • Step-by-step mentoring to create and successfully run the YouTube video ads

  • Learn in detail about the different components of setting in YouTube Ads

  • A guide to Set up, measure and evaluate the YouTube Ads

  • How to grow and maintain your own brand and business with YouTube ads!

  • Know completely about smart budget for your YouTube ads

  • Find the strategies to increase the revenue and get more viewers and subscribers

  • Plan constructively for the bidding methods

  • Practical explanation through Google Ads by creating new campaign

  • Create more Views and Engagement on your YouTube Channel

  • Generate great Quality Leads through perfect YouTube targeting method

  • Use YouTube ad placements successfully and

  • How to run profitable YouTube ads!

  • Apply content exclusion to safeguard your channel from the negative marketing

  • Get your attention on essentials of YouTube ads like location targeting, demographic targeting like language and gender targeting, topic targeting, keyword targeting

  • Stay specific with topic targeting, interest targeting and audience targeting

  • Study how the placement of ads on YouTube ads works through channel targeting

  • Gain knowledge on fundamentals of Google Display Network (GDN)

  • Get acquainted with Google AdSense

  • Learn the specifics of remarketing and frequency capping

  • Why device targeting and user interface language is important!

  • What unknown common mistakes you should avoid!

  • Learn everything you need to know about Algorithms and financial analysis of in-search ads, in-stream ads, bumper ads, display ads and YouTube must head ads

Why Shall you Attend

  • Webinar Participation eCertificate (Soft Copy)

  • Free webinar for beginners  

  • Create and Grow your own YouTube Channel

  • Learn Personal Branding

  • Build great lead generation techniques

  • How to Create Low-cost YouTube Ads

  • Learn highly-converting YouTube Ads for video-marketing with engaging scripts that generate leads and sales

  • How to spy competitor ads

Program Details

Date:-  16 August 2020

Day :- Sunday 

Timing :- 7:00Pm Onward