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Free Course on Google Ads

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Digital sandip

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What Will You Learn

  • What is Google AdWords? Why is it importanant?

  • Google Network Learning Google Adwords Account structure Learn about the campaings type-Search,Display(Videos)

  • Learn how to create search network campaign 

  • Tracking performance and optimising Ads

  • How to create Google Display Network and its Targetting options 

  • Learn about PPC,CPC,Average CPC,Adrank,ECPC etc

  • How to select keywords and know about differnt tools

  • Learn How to create profitable Google Ads SEM Auction

  • Learn How to rank Google Ads

  • What is SEM and its importanace

  • Advance Location targetting for your ads

  • How to run Youtube Ads

  • How to run Display Ads Features of Google Shopping PLA’s and to create PLA Ads

  • Learning of spending money on acquiring leads and converting them into customers

  • Tracking performance and optimising campaigns

  • Learning Ad extensions and Ad Antanomy and its importance

  • SEM Auction work

  • Strategies and types of setting budget and bid 

Why Should you take this Course

  • Reach your millions of your target audience

  • Highly Economical

  • target audiences by location, demographics & interests

  • Build brand loyalty

  • Increase your website traffic

    Reach people on their phones

  • Course Completion eCertificate (Soft Copy)

  • How to spy competitor ads

  • How to Build Audience

Program Details

Date:-  2 September 2020

Day :- Sunday 

Timing :- 7:00Pm Onwards