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YouTube is the second-largest search engine in the world. According to the press report of YouTube, more than 2 Billion people are using YouTube which is almost one-third of the internet. These people are mostly age groups between the 18-34-year group. YouTube has its presence in 100+ countries and having access to 80 different languages. YouTube also reveals that One Billion hours of videos are being viewed every day. Due to these stats, Youtube Marketing has considerable significance.

So, having all these benefits, don’t you think that YouTube is the best platform to do marketing activities?

YouTube Marketing is the strategy that helps you to make your presence over YouTube channels and generate leads and conversion towards your business, ultimately helps in growing your business. It will help you to build traffic, rank higher in search, expand your social reach, and also boost your YouTube SEO.

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Some people find it difficult to do Marketing activities on Youtube and hence here it’s a guide to do the same.

STEP 1: Create a YouTube Channel

The very first step required to do marketing on YouTube is to create a channel. The first baby step is to create a Google account and sign in on YouTube. Tap on the right icon of your name and select ‘Your Channel’ Option

The next step is to customize your channel and add necessary information which includes Profile Photo, About Yourself i.e. what is your channel all about, and Background Picture.

STEP 2: Create Video for Channel

The most important part of creating a YouTube Channel is to create a unique video. Creating a video is depending on your objective. What you want to give your customers through the video. What are the objectives behind creating videos? Whether you want to generate leads, spreading awareness, etc. If your objectives and video do not match, then it will generate the worst result. So, first, decide the objectives of the video and then create accordingly.

What Types Of Videos Can Be Created?

YouTube allows you to create various forms of video whichever is suitable for your product or service. Here, below 7 are core types of videos that can be created-

1-Product/Service Review: This video can include reviews given by different users or customers who were engaged with your product/service once.

2-Testimonials: Testimonials include users or employees of the firm who give feedback about products and services offered by the firm.

3-Vlogs: You can also create a vlog which can be daily or weekly and update your viewer about your activities throughout a day or week.

4-Tutorial Video: If your product or service is technically difficult to understand then a Tutorial video is best to make users aware of the products and services you are offering.

5-Unboxing Video: You can also suggest a customer unbox your product and give a review of it.

6-Interview with Influencer: One video can be made of collaboration with influencers and give users more interesting content.

7-Event Video: If your company has participated in or organized any event then the video can be one of those events.

STEP 3: Create Rich Content for Video

The content of the video should be strong and interesting enough to grab the attention of the viewers. Some important tips that are required to make content-rich are:

  • Good Quality of Video: Video Quality is what matters a lot when it comes to YouTube Marketing. For better quality, you should have a good quality camera and for shooting steady video, it’s required to shoot with Tripod to avoid shakiness of hand. Try to shoot video in a Landscape mode rather than a Portrait Mode.
  • Use of Good Microphone/Mic: You should have a microphone and mic in some cases, which is of good quality. It will stop disturbance that occurs during recording and generate clear audio for viewers.
  • Create a Good Thumbnail: The thumbnail here should be working as a spokes’ person. Your thumbnail should have information that depicts the story of a video itself. It should be matching with the title and content of the video.
  • Create Watermarks: Watermarks protects your video from stolen. Does it show your identity i.e. whose video is this? This is the most important to do.
  • Music and another effect: If you want to add music to your video, choose the music or audio track that goes with the content. They should not be opposite to each other. If video content is slow then it’s not advisable to add fast track music.

After acknowledging all these above things, you are ready to upload your video.

STEP 4: Optimize YouTube SEO

After completing the first three stages, it doesn’t mean that you will start to generate leads now. There are many more things to do to create a perfect YouTube Marketing strategy. As YouTube is also a search engine, it provides a service of SEO (Search Engine Optimization). What one has to do is to optimize a YouTube video in certain ways:

  1. Meta Title: Meta Title is what represents the video all about. The Meta Title should be representative of video content. It should be specific. It should carry a mixture of 2-3 keywords, location, and brand name. For the best result, keyword research is very essential before deciding the Title.
  2. Description: Description is the most important thing to optimize as it creates good results. Your description should be covered with Meta Keywords, CTA content, and important content which leads to action as it shows only 100 characters of it.
  3. Meta Keywords: Choose meta keywords that are suitable for your title and content. Meta keywords are those which help SEO to rank your video high. Always go for keywords that perfectly represent the theme of the video. For doing this, competitive research is necessary!
  4. Choose Proper Category: Selecting a category of the video is what helps you to rank your video. Ranking based on category helps you to optimize your video.
  5. Add Hashtag: Hashtag helps you to generate more traffic on your channel. It will increase the chance of appearing in searches. Choose hashtags that are again, matching with your video content and title.

STEP 5: Create YouTube Ads

To do YouTube Marketing, Inorganic way that is YouTube Ads comes into a picture to generate traffic. There are several ways by which you can run ads. Some of the ads types are mentioned below:

  • Search Ads: These are the ads we can see on the search page.
  • In-stream Ads: In-stream ads appear while the video is playing. These ads are further divided into three parts: Pre-roll ads, Mid-roll Ads, and Post-roll ads.
  • In-Display Ads: In-display ads are those which can be seen below the video that is playing currently.
  • Bumper Ads: These are the ads that are seen at the very beginning of video playing. Generally, it is 6 seconds-Un skippable ads.

YouTube Marketing Strategy

To implement the best YouTube Marketing Strategy, one should require to take care of certain things that will help to build a great strategy. It’s very much important after creating, uploading, and optimizing videos, is communicate your video with the audience and for that follow the simple methods:

  • Viewers’ Comments: After watching your video many viewers will comment on the video which can be positive or negative. If, a viewer gives you positive comments then acknowledge him/her and suggest seeing a similar type of your video by sharing a link. And If the negative comment is there then you should be required to handle it with utmost care.
  • Spread wings on Social Media: Social Media is a powerful platform to generate traffic. There are platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, and Email from where you can direct traffic to your YouTube Videos by sharing links with feature videos.
  • Collaboration with others on YouTube: Collaborating with other You tuber also helps you to fetch traffic to your video. One care here should be taken care, is to check the credibility of the collaborator.


YouTube Marketing is an easy thing to do but with great care. So, making whole long process into a short one has to follow these 6 steps:

– Make a channel on YouTube

– Create Video with proper quality, sound effects

– Optimize Video with perfect meta title, description, and hashtags

– Do proper YouTube SEO

– Run YouTube Ads

– Develop a YouTube Marketing Strategy to generate traffic

Proper implementation of these steps will not stop your video to get a rank in a higher position. And Readers YouTube is a future so understand what exactly the audience wants and go for it…


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