Top 10 Social Media Marketing Tools

Top social media marketing tools


“Brands that ignore social media, will die. It’s that simple.”

                                                                                                 – Jeff Ragovin

In less than 15 years, Social Media has become an essential part of our lives. Social Media Marketing requires a strategy that is carefully prepared, measured, managed, and founded on a strong and clear vision.

Social media marketing gives you an amazingly large platform to let people know who you are and what you provide.  Nowadays, businesses require huge advertisement and their presence on every social media platform. Businesses thrive on simple logic, you need to tell people about yourself, then only people buy from you. The more people know about you, the more chance you get to widen your business. You need to understand the market and find out the best social media strategy to promote yourself.

This is exactly the kind of marketing opportunity that social media presents. Various social media tools are available to make this process easier.



Likegrowers logo

Likegrowers is on the top of this list for its amazing features when it comes to Instagram marketing. It gives the option of filtering options by locations, hashtags, and usernames. Likegrowers Instagram automation tool can help in business marketing and save time. Likegrowers gives organic Instagram likes that help you to reach and target more followers that are interested in your account. Thousands of users are already using Likegrowers so you can be the next one to check out this amazing Instagram marketing tool.



Buffer logoBuffer is a very simple and useful tool to schedule your postings. It integrates with your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest pages. Buffer helps you to schedule all your postings to any social media channel from one place and its time-saving.

Buffer is compatible with both Web browser and Mobile platforms, which gives you a chance to access it from anywhere. The main benefits of Buffer are helping you save time on managing your company’s social media accounts, scheduling posts, and providing you crucial analysis on your marketing performance.



Fanpage Karma logo

Fanpage Karma is a social media analytics and monitoring tool that helps companies and social media managers to engage fans, improve their social media presence, and reach a growing community in the social network.  Answer messages, comments, user posts, and emails quickly and easily from an inbox, manually or automatically.

The free version allows you to analyze the effectiveness of the content, subscriber’s activities, track pages of competitors, and make monthly reports. This tool gives more detailed results of performance analysis of your brand against competitor brands in nicely visualized charts, graphs, tables, and word clouds.



IFTTT logo

IFTTT stands for If This, Then That. Create rules that trigger specific actions when something happens. You’ve got your social media posts scheduled and maybe you even crossed off the content curation task. What’s the next step? To automate everything that comes before and after (and in between). That’s what IFTTT is for.

It helps you to link all kinds of apps and services together to automate multi-step tasks in whatever way you want. So, for example, if you publish a blog, you can create an IFTTT “recipe” that will see the new post and create a tweet as well as an Instagram post about it.



Biteable logo

Using videos is one of the best ways to make an announcement, run promotion, and remind your customer about your products and services. Biteable is one of the most user-friendly solutions to create entertaining and informative short videos to share on social media. It is the best option for brands that need simple and short videos within a small budget. Most of its features are included in the free accounts.

The main features of Biteable are that you can upload your clips and photos, then enhance them with animation and effects and you can use your audio and music.



Hootsuite Logo

Hootsuite is very helpful because you can schedule your posts in advance and also helpful as you can monitor the analytics to check how your posts are performing in attracting the users and no. of followers on your social media account.

It helps you for collaboration across team members. The major benefit of Hootsuite is that seeing all your comments and mentions in one place, you can also assign tasks, plot a social media calendar, and schedule updates.



Missinglettr logoMissinglettr is a unique social media scheduling and publishing tool, which makes social media marketing and advertising easy and smooth for people and marketing agencies.

Its area of expertise lies in its Artificial Intelligence engine which mechanically creates social media content material out of your weblog post, which saves instances for any bloggers, social media entrepreneurs, and agencies.



Awario logo

Awario is a social media listening tool which helps individual and businesses to gather information, conversations about their products, services, and brands. This helps them to monitor their performance, trends and to know the public’s prevailing sentiments. This tool comes with a Leads module that gathers mentions from across the Web and social media, consisting of news, comments, posts, and more, and analyses the information to generate fantastically correct predictive insights. These predictive insights will then assist you to notice prospective clients who are looking at the internet for products and services which you are probably offering.



MeetEdgar logo

MeetEdgar automates content re-sharing and optimizes your social media visitors. It performs the tasks of a content manager for the brands without needing to hire one. MeetEdgar links to your LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter, through a web plugin, which can be used from any mobile device. MeetEdgar helps you to recycle old content and watch your traffic on social media platform and engagement increase, optimizing the ROI of your digital assets.

With the help of MeetEdgar, you can organize posts by category, schedule content by category, and then, every time the tool has gone through your scheduled posts, it will automatically post old content from each category so it can get attention again.



Talkwalker LOGO

Talkwalker is a social media platform that helps you to optimize your brand. This tool helps you to boost your brand reputation and maintain your marketing campaigns as well. Talkwalker offers a huge range of filters, sub-filters, and platform coverage. It covers social media, news sites, blogs and forums, broadcast, TV, and print. The data available is almost endless. It gathers data from Google Analytics, social media, sentiment analysis, and image recognition to show you the best report on every aspect of the audience.

It helps you to manage a smooth workflow within a department and easily share data outside departments also.



Social media marketing tools are an essential piece of your business marketing strategy. Social media platforms assist you to connect with your customers, increase brand awareness, and help in lead generation and sales, with greater than 3 billion people around the world using social media platforms every month.

Thus, stop beating around the bush and get your hands on the best tools by hiring Social Media Marketing or Digital Marketing experts who are habitual in achieving this feat and are familiar with various modern tools.

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