Top 10 Tools To Check The Website Traffic Of Your Competitors.

Tools To Check The Website Traffic Of Your Competitors.


In every industry competitive research is very important. wondering how to check competitor’s website traffic? here is a list of 10 tools to check the website traffic of your competitors.

Entrepreneurs need to have a grip over their websites, to hold the performance of their landing pages and ascertain how the target audience responds to their content. The website is one of the most important digital assets of the company. A site is a place on that the target audience visits and checks your products and services. If you want to get more conversions, it is important to drive more traffic to your site. So, you need information about the number of customers visiting your website and then plan on the way to increase the traffic. A website traffic checker helps you to know how many people are visiting the website and engaging with your content. A website traffic checker helps you to know the activities of your competitors and how they are driving traffic also.

Benefits of knowing the website traffic of your competitors:

  1. To know daily, monthly visits of competitor
  2. Helps to know keywords that can be targeted to more traffic on your website
  3. Helps you gain important details such as bounce rate, page views, and time spent on site, etc.

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List of top 10 tools to check the website traffic of your competitors:


Tools To Check The Website Traffic Of Your Competitors.


Similar Web helps you to get traffic insights for any website. Through it, you’ll get the country rank, global rank, and category rank of that website, along with a graphical representation that shows the weekly number of visitors in the last six months. It allows seeing how many leads come from social, search, referrals, display ads, and many more. You can see the number of visitors and how many pages every user view on average. A free version of a similar web offers limited metrics and data.


Founded: 2007



SEmrush specializes in competitor’s data. It is a search engine optimization tool that helps the website owner to find and target keywords that bring you more traffic.  You can visit the homepage and type in a competitor’s website and get information about organic keywords and rank, ad keywords, and traffic. It all comes in a graphic format. Semrush provides data like the number of visitors, visits duration, and the average number of pages viewed per visit. this tool helps you to see traffic by source, the highest 5 countries and therefore the proportion of desktop, mobile traffic for every subdomain.


Founded: 2008


Tools To Check The Website Traffic Of Your Competitors.

Quantcast is one of the most accurate traffic estimator tools. You have to add your site to the database of Quantcast and install a small tracker. This means it only analyses those sites which are added to its system. Quantcast cant give accurate traffic for the site which doesn’t participate. So one cant finds stats of lesser-known websites on Quantcast. Quantcast shows your visitors’ ethnicity, occupation, shopping interest,  media interest, and political opinions.


Founded: 2006

4)    AHREFS


Ahrefs is an SEO tool and is used for mining all kinds of traffic-related data, both for your sites and competitors’ sites.  It helps to measures the site’s monthly search traffic, and detailed breakdowns of where that traffic is coming from and which keywords are bringing the traffic. It helps to know backlink information, like which other sites are linking to the site, how frequently they’re linking, and how that data changes over time. Ahrefs doesn’t provide any free plan. This tool is expensive but the data is good.


Founded: 2011

5)    ALEXA


Alexa used to an important traffic checker. Unfortunately, Alexa has dumbed down its free features, so now it lags behind SimilarWeb, SEmrush, and others. Still, it can give you important data. Search for any website and you’ll see its Global Alexa Rank and Country Alexa Rank, including a graph showing it’s up and down in ranking over the helps you to know limited demographics and keywords details. It helps you to compare two sites and see which one is more popular. This tool helps to spying on your competitors linking, traffic, keywords, etc. and is a good resource if your competitors are international.



Tools To Check The Website Traffic Of Your Competitors.

SiteWorthTraffic helps to calculate the value, daily visitors, daily pageview, and daily revenue of a site. It can calculate the website worth, worldwide ranking of any website, and analyze the traffic statistics of any website very quickly. It helps to estimate how much a site earns from ads. They give info like Alexa rank trend,  Alexa graphs, IP address, server geolocation, Facebook recent activity, and many other details of a website. This is a totally free service and does not require any registration.


Founded: 2012



MOZ is one of the important SEO tools which helps to track your rankings in search engines, and what’s going on with your competitors and your social network presence.

It provides you data about which sites are linking to your site and your competitors’ sites. You can see your exact rank in Google for a specific search term and then track your performance compared to your competition over time. It helps you to get organic search rankings. Google and the other search engines emphasize how your website and brand is shared on social networks, MOZ gives you data to improve your existence on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, and other social media sites.


Founded: 2004


google analytics

Google Analytics is one of the topmost analytics tools. It will give you a glimpse of what your visitors are doing on your site. It helps to track website traffic. For example, if you run an e-commerce site, it can track your transaction details and help you identify which pages on your websites drive the most sales. Google Analytics gives you a sense of your customer’s demographics, showing your user’s location, what types of internet browsers they are using, and even the size computer monitor they are using. It gives important information that can help you to shape the success strategy of your business for the long term. There’s also a paid version of it for a large organization, but small and medium-sized businesses will do just fine with the free version.

Founded: 2005


9)    CLICKY


Clicky is a flexible web analytics tool and similar to Google Analytics. but Clicky has a few features that Google Analytics doesn’t. It helps you to know exactly what’s happening on your site, how many visitors you have, where they are located, what they’re doing, how long they stayed on your page and when they’re leaving etc. Clicky gives heat maps in real-time, not just for a collection of visitors, but for each individual. Clicky also offers integration with Twitter that helps to monitor Twitter mentions of your account, any URL, website, or keyword analytics feature. this tool can give an unlimited history of tweets, detailed reports of activity by user, hashtags, links, and sentiment.


Founded: 2006



Cyfe is an all-in-one platform that helps you monitor data across different websites and applications, such as Google AdWords, WordPress, Salesforce, PayPal, and MailChimp. You can see all data in one place, and you can also customize your dashboard with over forty widgets for different sources and platforms.  It is an application to track and monitor all business metrics in one single place. If you are not able to find what you want from Cyfe’s widget pool, then you can create your widgets. You just have to upload external data from your source, CSV, or Google Sheet.


Founded: 2012


We have tried to give you the list of the top 10 tools to check the website traffic of your competitors. These tools help you to track vital engagement stats without emptying your wallet.

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