Why Content Marketing For Robust Digital Marketing?

Why Content Marketing is important for Digital Marketing

Attention!! Danger!!! Red alert!! Some words just grab your attention, right! But humans, they tend to have quite smaller span of attention. And that’s why marketers can’t just make banners of SALE or Discounts and put it all over to grab attention of their potential customers. This is when Content Marketing comes into the picture.

We are familiar with the phrase “customer is king”. Well, it doesn’t change, but now as customers are spending most of their time on electronic gadgets like mobile phones, tablets or laptops, it is extremely important for marketers to understand that content is base of everything and thus, “content is king”.

Content can be anything from images, graphics and blogs to video-based to interactive component on a website. Content Marketing is the backbone of digital marketing. Lots of tools are available today which can help us for successful marketing strategies.

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5 Reasons Why Content Marketing Is Such A Catchphrase In Digital Marketing

  1. Social media engagement:

It helps in creating a great customer base in social media through appealing content like videos, photos, memes, gifs, articles, case-studies or product reviews.

  1. Comments communication:

Under the content posted, there are several comments registered from the viewers and readers. There are possibilities of positive as well as negative comments. It really takes a calm and composed mind to reply on those comments. But nevertheless, you come to know the real evaluation of the content there by the analysis of the comments.

  1. Building trustworthiness:

Through the great word play, a content writer can always create or destroy the reputation of any digital marketing firm. The content should be used in such a simplistic way that it should directly target, engage and keep the trustworthiness alive in existing and potential audience.

  1. Differ from your competitors:

In order to influence a greater number of customers, you need to be different and a unique content marketing strategy can really upgrade your standards. You don’t want to target the same customers with the same strategies or same content. Do you?

  1. Cost effectiveness:

As long as content is well-thought, originally written and reviewed for understanding of the relevance to the topic, content marketing can become the easiest and the most cost-effective tool for digital marketing.

7 Content Secrets For Success

Here are 7 secrets from a digital diary of digital marketer about why they always should focus on content marketing and secret mentioned in the fifth point is best of all.

  1. Grab the attention:

A wonderfully designed graphic with good content shall always grab attention of your potential customers. So, all you have to do is create content which is educating, informing as well as entertaining.

  1. People judge the book by the cover:

Well, they should not. Before going through your products and services or anything you have to offer, the people will see the first short images or textual or graphical presentation. So, let us make that first look, deeply intriguing and exciting enough to make them sign up.

  1. Make your audience curious:

What next? This is the question you want your audience to ask after reading your content. Surprise the audience with even greater and engaging content. Keep them wondering and waiting for your next content.

  1. Rank your website:

Of course, who doesn’t want that? Better the content, better the search engine optimization  better the rank of Google search engine.

  1. Better backlinks:

It is quite obvious that you will get better backlinks only if your content is compilation of education, information and entertainment. This is going to get in Google’s good books and so to the Google SEO Ranking Factors.

  1. Keep creating content everyday:

Creating fresh content is the key. We don’t read the same news from newspaper repeatedly, right? We need to create the appealing content every single day for which the next secret is tremendously helpful.

  1. Your observation is your power:

Observe! And analyse about the WH-questions.??? Who is your target audience? What do they do on your content and find that out with help of screen recorders on your website? What do they comment for the content? How do they react to your content?

7 Blunders You Must Avoid In Your Content

So, here are 7 blunders, you must avoid especially the sixth one.

  1. Don’t copy:

Copying the content is a big no. No, not even a bit. The Google crawler search through in and out of your website. You know, it is smarter than any human who is trying to copy. Any percentage of plagiarism caught from the content, the rank of the website on Google’s first page will only be an unachievable dream.

  1. Don’t bluff:

Check your details and cite the references. Do not put the details without proper citation as it is highly recommended for users as well Google crawler. Google catches the bluff masters in a mysterious way.

  1. Don’t drag the topics:

Cut it short. Really! Do not unnecessarily drag the topic. With a lower span of attention, people might move out of the page and the bounce rate of the page will increase which is a solid trouble for search engine optimisation.

  1. Don’t bore your audience:

Make it interesting. Mention what is relevant and new to the audience which will definitely make them more interested. Also, make sure that everything you put as a content, should be short and crisp, not long and boring.

  1. Don’t just put anything for the sake of putting it:

Review your content continuously as there are so many competitors in digital marketing who are just waiting for your one mistake. So, do not give them the free get away because of silly mistakes. Not affordable!

  1. Don’t overdo it and maintain the time gap:

Content marketing helps our potential customers to find us. So, do not get it overdone. That is, do not push the customers beyond a certain limit. Making and posting good content and involving the customers with their choices important. For example, don’t keep on mailing about a certain product or services for more than once a day.

  1. Don’t be careless, do it with sincerity:

Once written, twice read and thrice reviewed. It is a continuous work so you cannot be lazy about it. Eventually, your audience will build a trustworthy relationship with your content and that’s how it works. So, take good care of their emotions.


We hope this article made you think about the best content marketing strategy to be very successful at your digital campaigns approaches as the it is the foundation of digital marketing.


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