Digital Marketing Strategies Used By Gyms And Trainers

Digital Marketing Strategies used by Gyms and Personal Trainers


These days awareness to keep the body fit is increasing rapidly. Especially, the young generation is taking serious steps related to their fitness. Though it is a good approach to look for your body to be fit. Many of them choose to go to the gym and fitness center and few people exercise at home. Get to know about the Digital Marketing Strategies used by Gyms and Personal Trainers in this blog.

Either you go to the gym or do it at home doesn’t matter much but the matter is to keep the body healthy and full of energy all day.

So you may have a question of why people Join GYMS? Here are a few reasons.

  • Improving their Cardiac health
  • Losing weight
  • To maintain Body figure
  • For improving muscle strength
  • To boost the energy

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You will be surprised why there is an increasing trend of Gyms, it’s all because of the magic of digital marketing.

Strategies used by Gyms for Digital Marketing

1] Post on Social Media

Everyday trainers or owners of the gym used to capture the photos and videos related to the exercise, gym equipment, and diet they follow. Around 82% used to post daily either on Instagram or Facebook. It helps to engage current clients and potential customers to shares the story of workouts and life schedules. Social Media Marketing plays a vital role.

2] Video content marketing

Trainers or potential clients do activities live to stream on Instagram or Facebook for showing real-time actions. Video marketing helps to witness Gym facilities and how present customers are having fun with other interested clients.

3] Create a user-friendly website

Roughly 52% of people look online for the business as a first opinion. To attract clients, you need a website that is simple for navigation and provides relevant information about the fitness center. There are few digital tools by which you can create websites that will stand as your touchpoint. Here are a few tools such as

  • Wix
  • Word press

You can use your website links for more marketing campaigns and with the help of websites you can keep data of your current as well as new clients and you can receive payments online.

4] Referral programs

We often say that the best marketers are our customers. If you provide good services and facilities and incentivize your members, you can create referral programs to get them to invite their family, friends, and rewards for these, you can offer discount coupons or offer a free nutrients supplement, etc.

5] Affiliate marketing for fitness clubs

Affiliate marketing is such a process for people by which you can refer to other people who might be interested in the gym. Few different businesses can refer their clients to the club such as:

  • Doctors
  • Physiotherapist
  • Personal trainers
  • Supplement providers

6] Fitness content marketing

Content marketing is although very fruitful for fitness centers. The gym manager should be aware of content marketing and how SEM for fitness brands and keywords related to fitness works. However, ranking for a keyword related to fitness-oriented such as:

  • Best outdoor workouts
  • Best fitness center near

Simply write a blog related to fitness and provide some tips etc.

7] Create Google my business

Google my business helps you to registered locally and one can locate your center through Google maps and also helps to find your contact details, Hours to be remained open, reviews, etc

8] Weekly newsletter

You may publish newsletters weekly via E-mail to your current clients as well as old clients who didn’t apply for membership. In the newsletter, you should mention every update related to the gym or any mentioned health benefits which are published by researchers.

9] Paid Ads strategy

When you are running paid ads on social media one should always run ads from a gender perspective i.e. male and female. The reason behind is motives to join Gym is different, say females will mostly join the gym to make weight loss of the body while male joins for bodybuilding.

10] Remarketing

Remarketing is when someone visits your websites and scroll your products and services and doesn’t purchase them so you position your ads somewhere in other sites where they will see them again and might come back for purchases to your website. Typical remarketing platforms are:

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Snapchat
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn

11] Ask for review & ratings

It is not one of the strategies but you ask for reviews from the present clients. When they will rate & review your business online other people will get to know about how you offer the gym services and you can be ranked good in search engines.

12] Content calendar

You must develop or make weekly or monthly content to post on social media. Because regular posting is needed for social media presence. You have to create content related to health & fitness and it should be consistent.

13] Use Analytics tools

After applying various efforts and strategies to market your business it is also equally important to do analysis. It includes how much traffic arrives at your websites or blogs or Instagram or Facebook pages and also helps to find out conversion rates from traffics. Although it clears out what is the real scenario and in what direction it needs to work again.

Click Here-Digital Marketing Strategy for Gyms, Fitness Centers, and Personal Trainers

Personal Fitness Trainers: How can they utilize Digital Marketing?

Personal trainers for fitness are highly qualified and certified trainers who possess deep knowledge of human anatomy, functional exercise, nutrition requirements, and principles of exercise. Although it is one of the professional carriers to impart personal training. “Passion, Purpose, caring, Coaching” are the properties of a personal trainer. To be a professional personal fitness trainer one has to occupy a certificate course from the National federation of professional trainers. A personal trainer pays close attention to their clients regarding workout routines, training, Goals, and nutrition.

Who hires a personal fitness trainer?
  • Athletes
  • Rich professionals
  • Gym at home
  • Weight losers


As far as the Digital Marketing Strategies for Personal Trainers are concerned, they also use the above-mentioned strategies as Gym owners do but there are some unique strategies, which are as follows:

1] Personal branding

Personal trainers have to market on their own in the sense of doing personal branding by uploading photos and video of Training on social media, Have a session on YouTube related to fitness, Share their awards and achievements on social media as well as their current clients.

2] Branding with professionals

As a personal trainer if you are imparting workout training to professionals, say ambitious cricketer VIRAT KOHLI or Indian Karate master SABARI KARTHIK, and sharing the post on social media will create excellent Branding of yours.

3] Niche Directories

Being in Niche directories you get grounded to certain audiences. This helps not to waste resources and time who don’t need your services.

4] Before and after transformation

As a trainer, you should always approach to mark the results achieved from your desire goals. You should share the transformation result in social media either through images or videos of your clients. How they were before training and after training.


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