How Education Consultants for Studying Abroad Can Generate Business Through Digital Marketing?

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Education consultants for studying abroad are the one who guides you through the entire admission process, right from selecting your university to settling you down i.e. accommodation. They are updated with all government formalities, various courses universities /colleges offer, course tenure, etc. These consultants are well updated to present and give the right advice to the customer. 

Most leads are generated through two common methods of traditional marketing:

  • Reference for the existing clients. 
  • Leads are generated through the in-house sales team. 

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Why should visa consultants consider generating business using digital marketing?

The methods used are efficient enough, but the amount of lead generation and business is rigid, depending on third-person resources. So why not generate leads and create your own primary data through a digital platform for which you don’t have to depend on these resources only and give a double boost to your business. (you do not have to stop methods you are already using the more strategies you have, the more business you get)

Here we have a detailed conversation with one of our visa consultant-client

Click HereHow Visa Consultants Can Generate Business Through Digital Marketing

How to use digital marketing to generate business for visa consultants?

Digital marketing can do wonders to boost your business. You can target the most relevant audience and get the best results. Here we have to focus on two things to boost up your business:

  • Brand awareness:

Brand awareness is an essential part of growing your business. The more people are aware of your brand, the more boost your business will get. So it is essential to focus on brand awareness for you the company.

  • Lead generation:

Generating the right amount of leads can give you more business and producing the most relevant leads will boost your business to the next level. 

Here are the platforms you should use for brand awareness and lead generation:

Social media

Social media is the most effective way to generate business nowadays. People are active on social media platforms and building a brand image and lead generation is very useful.

List of platforms that can use to generate business:

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • LinkedIn
  • TikTok
  • twitter

Strategy and activities to carry out on social media:

For every web marketing strategy, we will need two funnels to make it work.

(1) Lead generation funnel &

(2)  Sales funnel.

In digital marketing, we mostly focus on lead generation funnel; sales funnel activities are carried out by the company’s sales team. 

It would be best if you had an excellent sales team to convert your leads into sales.

Organic social media activities:

Organic activities play a vital role in creating a brand image in the mind of the audience. We are going to target a paid advertisement strategy. Both methods are interdependent, so it is essential to ensure both are focused.

Step by step, organic activities for social media:

  1. Optimize all social media accounts and interlink.
  2. Create a content calendar for the next 60 days.
  3. Post twice a day.
  4. Include video content in the content calendar with informative tips to get attention and interest in the relevant audience.
  5. Make sure you are posting video content in a gap of 2 to 3 days.

These activities are branding-oriented. Doing all this will create a brand image in the audience’s mind.

What kind of video content should you include in the social media calendar?

Video content is most liked content by the audience, so it is important to include video content. In video content, you can provide information related to tips that give knowledge to people.

For example, provide advice on “Guide for students who want to go to Canada for further study.” Providing Good knowledgeable content will attract people to stay connected with your page.

Remember, do not bore the audience by providing the same information, again and again, create unique, informative content every time.

Why is it important to post every day on social media?

It is essential to stay updated and active on social because when we run paid advertisements to generate leads, the audience will visit our pages. If our page does not have much content, they will think that it is a new business started by your company, which will spoil the brand image in the audience’s mind. 

Make sure your brand is present on all the social media platforms listed and activities going on.

Paid advertisements:

We must run three different types of advertisements to carry out the best strategy for Facebook advertisements.

These strategies classified as a set of adds




Type A- awareness advertisements

TARGET – The target of these advertisements is only to create awareness about the brand.

Set of ads, we will do for awareness:

  1. Boost page content ads – We will boost the content of the page in these ads. 
  2. Boost Page like ads – We will boost the content of the page for page likes. These ads will have a page like a button. 
  3. Boost page Follow – This ad will have a page follow button. The target is to increase page followers.
  4. Audience: All these ads will be displayed to targeted, relevant audiences only.

Type B- Build relationship advertisements


The target of this advertisement will be to build a relationship with the audience and get their contact details and data. 

Set of ads, We will do for Building relationship:

  1. Promote free eBook: We will promote free eBooks on informational topics related to the target audience. For downloading, the eBook person will have to fill details like email and contact.
  2. Promote free webinar: We will have to conduct some webinars on informative topics such as “How to get permanent resident in Canada?”
  3. Promote Free career consulting workshops: We can promote and conduct some career consulting workshops. 
  4. Audience: These ads will be displayed to people who engaged with Type A ads and to the targeted audience.

The people who engage with Type B ads that are Building relationship advertisements will be hot leads, which are more likely convertible to sales as they are interested in going abroad to study, permanent visa, job, etc. With the Data collected from type B ads, we will create a custom audience.

Type C- Conversion advertisements


The target of these ads will be converting custom audiences into sales.

Sets of ads will do for converting to sales :

  1. Promoting engagement advertisements: we will encourage some sales relevant advertisement content in these ads.
  2. Promoting custom audience intent solving advertisements: We will encourage some leads nurturing ads to those who attended webinars or workshops.
  3.  Promoting Traffic generating advertisements: We will encourage ads to generate traffic to our landing page to get back to the mind of the custom audience.
  4. Audience: These ads will be displayed only to custom audiences who attended webinars, engaged with the post, downloaded eBooks, attended workshops. That will be our game-changing social media plan to generate business for visa consultants. (Paid advertisement are tricky and technical so it’s suggested to get trained to it or hire experts)  

Search engine:

Search engines are handy to solve queries in the minds of people whenever someone has any questions. They start scrolling and searching on search engines, so it is best to make the brand presence whenever someone searches for things related to your brand on search engines. 

Search engines that we should focus on for generating business:

  • Google:

Google is the most used search engine in the world.

Strategy and activities to carry out on search engine:

  • PPC advertisements:

We will run pay per click ads on google targeting audience based on relevant keywords. For example, if someone is searching for abroad studies, he must get us in ads results on top of the search engine.

  • Remarketing ads:

Basically, these ads are shown to people on the website and pages they visit, using remarketing strategy. That is if someone visits your website or Facebook page and leaves, then after wherever he visits, he will get our ad shown in front of him.

  • Local Business:

Google, my business page, is a significant page for business as it can drive traffic directly to your physical address. We can stay updated by posting content on the google my business page and focusing on reviews of the page. With these, we can be visible among the top 3 local business patches shown on the search engine result page.

Search engine optimization:

Search engine optimization is a time taking process, but it is essential for brand image and awareness. We can get a lot of traffic and leads if we are ranking on top of the search engine result page. In search engine optimization, we optimize the website according to a search engine and user search intentions.


 It is the second most used search engine in the world. We will use it for two purposes:

  • Personal Branding:

A visa consultant can create a youtube channel and make informational videos related to visa and procedures without mentioning the brand. It will generate an image as an influencer, and that will build up personal Branding. This will generate business indirectly as people will search for an influencer who provides good knowledge about their career and procedure for a visa. 

  • YouTube advertisements using Google ads:

We will run different kinds of advertisements related to search queries of people so that when they search anything related to us, they will see our advertisement which will create a brand image and can give good business.

Types of advertisement we will run on YouTube.

  • Bumper ads: Bumper ads are 6-sec video non-skippable ads for driving traffic to the website and creating a brand image in the mind of people.
  • Instream ads: These ads are not skippable till 30 sec or till engagement of viewers. This content will be shown until 30 sec then the only viewer can skip the ad.
  • Display ads: We will target an audience who has already visited our website or landing page to this advertisement. These ads are shown on the display of the Youtube search page.

Points to remember: 

  • Never divert your audience to the website, always divert them to a landing page. Otherwise, they will be lost on other pages of the website, and bounce rate will increase, and you will not get results.
  • Consistency, passion, and patience are important for results, so maintain them.

Always remember friends. Using a single strategy in digital marketing will not work your business to wonders; you must carry out all step by step. You can also consult a digital marketing expert to generate business for your firm.

So these were detailed strategies about How visa consultants can generate business through digital marketing.  All these strategies are experimented with and successfully implemented to generate business for my clients. Hope you will implement this strategy and take your business to the next level.

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