How Video Marketing Can Get You More Business

Video Marketing


Why Video Marketing for Your business?

Imagine, How it would be if all the internet platforms started providing only reading content. We will get bored!!! Right?

Your writing content should be eye catchy and interesting, but the question is how? If you have more data to share, then sharing it through video is the best idea to get traffic to your site.

Consumers want more visual information that gives them fun, drama, enthusiasm, curiosity to get knowledge and know what will happen further. As we know the use of YouTube, Instagram reels, IGTV videos, small ads are very trending nowadays. With the innovation of digital marketing video content has gained popularity.

Many times, it happens that you have seen one ad on online platforms and you start to use the product just by seeing its features and services in video, this is called video marketing. According to a business survey, there is 80% increase in CR (conversion rate) and it gives more traffic to your website.

There is no doubt that YouTube ads, Instagram ads, Pinterest ads, Facebook ads grab more opportunities and attract viewers. Video marketing by targeting the audience can show your video ads to particular users.

Retail mode selling is not working nowadays, if you want to sell or want to provide more awareness of your particular product or service then this is the best way to reach more consumers.. We all know that the traditional method is not generating profitable leads. Like newspapers, radios, tv ads, templets, boards are not working effectively. YouTube is doing Video marketing by showing ads in your videos. This is how it helps to generate traffic to your website, or other app pages.

And I guarantee you that if you understand your consumer’s behavior, which type of videos consumers like and prefer, which type of content is working and if you are targeting the right audience then video marketing can do wonders for you.

Sandip Trivedi

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Here are tips that will push more sales and change your whole scenario to see video marketing.

So, let’s get into it……

Ease to understand –

Reading content will not attract consumers to your page but in your writing content if you put one small video of describing all the things that you want to share with this makes the audience curious to read further to know more about it. Videos are easy to understand for all because by viewing pictures and images with text gives more clarity on what you want to convey. With audio and without audio-video marketing is possible to do if your message and content you are giving with images and texts are no too complex to get. The more it is simple, the more audience you attract.

Helps to increase your CR-

Putting videos to your landing page brings almost 80% more traffic to your website.

But how? Rather than reading page if the consumer sees there is a video then he will get engaged in watching it on your page. And it increases the time that people are spending on it.

If your video is very interesting, then definitely you can increase CR (conversion rate) to 80 to 85%. provided video is no longer than 3 mins. Using video content on your page can give positivity and emerge the trust of people towards your website.

Generate more leads-

The best way to generate more leads is through video marketing. YouTube is the best platform to reach most audiences and to give awareness of your product or services. We all are using YouTube and know that when we are watching videos in just one-second advertisement pops up. It may be of 5 seconds to 1 minute. Add your website address in your ads and you can generate more leads. You can give CTA (call-to-action) at the end of your video. But the main thing is to capitalized audience’s interest in your brand. Clarity of information is the key. Your video should be in the preference of the audience because they are the main for whom we are making videos and by this getting, Leads is the main aim.

click here-How to generate business through Video Marketing.

Keep it small and not overloaded-

You know many times creators upload videos with a lot of information. And it makes it less interesting and boring. So, if a video with limited information and have 2 parts. It makes your video more attractive. Maximum it should be of 15 minutes, it should be clean and understandable to all. If your information and content is good, you can engage more consumers. Give more focus on particular quality rather than showing all the common things. Show limited but a new element of a product by which viewers get attached to the product. Keep your videos short and interesting. Your content should be authentic and valuable. Provide good values to the audience and you will generate good leads.

Post Stories, Testimonials, and Reviews-

show reviews of your customers about the products or services they used like, comments and DMs. Share stories that how your customers feel after using your products, their satisfaction, and their perception. Always give a reply to a problematic comment, give a solution to them. It will be very helpful for your video marketing. Share true stories and testimonials to gain more trust. Sharing reviews of satisfied customers add more value. It creates customer loyalty. This will bring a positive effect on your website. If your brand is having a positive image online then there is a higher chance that you will get good results. So always share stories of your happy customers.

Interaction –

Many times, video creator speaks all the content like a lecture. In video marketing the flow and the way, you are giving knowledge should be very interesting. The audience should feel like you are interacting with them. Make a question for a product and then clarify it to consumers. The audience always wants some new things, new experiences, and new actions. It will make the connection of the audience with your brand. This interaction about the product makes its audience feel safe and secure. Always two-way communication gives more results then one-way communication. Always try to solve doubts and problems emerging in the consumers’ minds.

Do webinars, live video sessions-

YouTube videos, posting advertisements are okay, but what if we give live sessions to the audience who are already interested in the brand. Webinars are the one type of small live video on which you can interact with anyone. In webinars you can give information about your brand, can show them all the element and points your brand have. A live webinar helps to increase customer loyalty. Many times, an unexpected audience also comes to attend the live session and become you’re your permanent customer. You can, later on, post it to YouTube too. This live session gives a more clear product view. Additionally, in live sessions, you can solve more questions, problems of consumers.

Also as per the one survey, 85% of people like to watch videos and images rather than reading. Only 20 to 25% audience likes to read.


For video marketing, YouTube is the best platform. From video marketing, you can get more traffic. On the website, you can put video to get more traffic and to engage the audience.

In the future, video marketing will increase more and more and all these modes of marketing like boards, banners will decrease, and live boards on the wall, infographics, video ads, photo ads, the podcast will be in trending. Because people these days don’t have time to sit and read. They prefer video or audio content. Video marketing is a growing space, there are many opportunities available. You can do Facebook lives, Instagram lives, webinars, and whatnot. So, if you optimize your marketing strategy well you can get some good results.

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