Top Digital Marketing Interview Questions Answers 2023

Top Digital Marketing Interview Questions Answers 2023


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Worried about your upcoming Digital Marketing interview? We are here to help you.!! 

Today, the world is moving in virtual communication, and that social media is a key role. Nowadays Digital Marketing is booming rapidly, as people are moving from traditional to digital quickly for ease and instant significance. There are a lot of opportunities in digital marketing for career options specifically for adolescents who want to be an independent and highly innovative career for themselves. In recent times, there are a lot of opportunities in digital marketing jobs as people are moving from Paper-Based Marketing to Internet-Based Marketing. Good Technicality knowledge and strong industry knowledge can help you give more chances of getting a job in Digital Marketing. Also, if you are new to this field then will recommend you to get a master in digital marketing courses from a renowned institute.

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Below are some top Digital Marketing Questions which will help you boost to get prepare for an Interview. 

Pro Tips about interview for Digital marketing: 

  1. Keep updated always for digital updates and Make use of all the information relates to Digital marketing about Google, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and many other social media mediums which fetch many sorts of information that is available to you.
  2. Assure that your existing LinkedIn and social media profile, all are the updated by time to time.
  3. Be active on social media. 
  4. Follow renowned industry leaders and their blogs. 
  5. Study budgeting and implement your learning.
  6. Be updated always.

Here We have classified Q&A in 4 sections: 

  1. Digital Marketing Interview Q&A 
  2. SEO interview Q&A 
  3. Social Media Interview Q&A 
  4. Common Q&A 

1. Digital Marketing Interview Questions 

The following interview questions for digital marketing will help for beginner to experienced in the arena which discovered specific facets of DM.

Q1.  According to you, what is Digital Marketing? Why you choose digital marketing as your career?

A1. (With the excited about to join the applied company, tell the reasons why you are interested in digital marketing and what challenges you are looking forward to facing) 

Digital marketing also named as Internet or Online marketing. It is marketing activity doing thru digital technologies on the online platform by so many digital channels to achieve marketing objective. 

(Yes, I choose my career in this as I always liked) To learn new activity and to be a creative, Digital marketing has a great scope in the current and in the upcoming times, it is arena which is growing quickly not in PAN India but globally too. 

Through the digital marketing we can reach our targeted customer PAN level and globally thru using such digital marketing strategies and channels. 

Q.2 To improve our business what strategy you will suggest us through Digital marketing?

A.2 (Rather to spill out a strategy quickly. It is advised to know the business well, know the strengths, list out the opportunities, investigation the competitor’s activity. Take a time from the interviewer to plan a strategy around these sectors. Plan it properly and explain interviewer.) 

From the beginning to end for strategy planning and implementation usually with focused objective can follow the steps, 

  1. Analyse of the competitors’ website and social presence 
  2. Compares the own website with Competitors as well as with the Google Algorithm.
  3. Decide the objective of marketing – Lead Generation/ Traffic/ Engagement
  4. As per the Objective for lead generation will do SEO On page or Off page. And for traffic / engagement will do Social media marketing with strategic planning as per the target audience.
  5. Analysis & Insights 

After all this strategic planning the advantage of Digital marketing is that we can get all the analysis and insights of our marketing activity. From there can help improve our web presence. 

Q.3 What is keyword in digital marketing? Where we can use keywords to optimize the site ranking

A.3 That word which user or customer enters in search engine platform for find the specific things/ information called KEYWORD in digital marketing. For good page ranking keywords play important core role in SEO which can be used in the following areas- 

  • Website Title (Head title -h1) 
  • Website URL (domain) 
  • Alt tag (image name) 
  • Web page content (Meta description) 
  • Body text (Meta keyword) 
  • Headlines 

Q4. What kind of different Digital Marketing strategies can use in any business to increase traffic?

A4. There is so many types of digital marketing strategies to increase the traffic. As per the digital marketing objective can draft the strategies and decide the fitment of type in particular business. To increase organic traffic efficiently with emphasized on website essentially to focus on SEO and backlinks initially. Not only the improvement of visitor but also help for brand recognition. The Main most common effective ways to increases traffic by Digital Marketing as below : 

  • PPC Ads (Paid search) 
  • Display advertising (Applications, Gmail, website, YouTube) 
  • Content marketing 
  • SEO activities 
  • Guest blogging 
  • SMM (Social media marketing – Insta, linkden, Twitter, Facebook) 
  • Email marketing 

Q.5. What is Difference between Traditional and Digital marketing? To advertise your product which marketing you will choose? Why?

A.5 There is a huge difference between traditional and digital marketing. Traditional marketing is offline marketing, it is promotion activity through brochures, fliers, postcards, letters, tradeshows, print advertising such as magazines, newspapers, coupon books, billboards, radio, and television. 

Digital Marketing is online marketing, using through the digital technologies on the internet. Both are the good for advertise your product however Digital marketing is more considerable for advertising to get in-depth analytics and cost effective. Comparatively traditional marketing can get random leads or to make an awareness of product and costly, where digital marketing can target the customer and show the advertise to only those targeted customers only. Through the Traditional marketing we will not able to track actions or any analytics or insights of advertising, where in digital marketing we can get all the depth analytics and reports of impressions, call, visits or any actions.

2. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Interview Questions

Q.6 Define SEO. How SEO works to get your advertisement on Top?

A.6 SEO termed as Search Engine Optimization, technique of improving the quality and quantity of traffic for website and more visits by intensifying the visibility of our website intent to google top ranking and lead generation. This activity divided in two terms one is On page and second one is Off page. 

SEO works in two parts: On Page and Off Page. To sustain or to get our advisement on top, there is numerous strategies can plan through the SEO. Page SEO is one of the most imperative procedure you can use for achieving a higher ranking on a search engine’s results page. ON page activities can do in our own website to grow traffic by some main components includes–Page title, Meta keywords, Meta description, Headings, Content, Alt tags, URL. Off Page SEO is techniques to increase the search engine ranking by external links or can say link building strategies. It is promotion process of outside borders of your website for grow your website traffic. These both SEO activities get your advertisement on Top with targeted customers. 

Q.7 Why SEO auditing and monitoring is important in SEO? Tell me the Best 2 tool for SEO Auditing.

A.7 “To always be on top position in the competitive world, auditing required for improvement and innovation.” SEO auditing is very significant to analysis of our website performance. It helps for ranking top on search engine mediums in these competitive marketplaces nowadays. SEO audit is method of analyse several facades of your business web presence, it helps to understand what is good and what improvement needs in your website by keyword planning, competitive analysis, presence on sites, traffic analytics, organic and inorganic results many more in-depth analyses. 

For ranking Top on Google or any search engine platform is tougher and competitive nowadays. There are so many aspects such as backlinks, page content, keyword planner and social presence to rank highest on search engines. SEO is very important in Digital Marketing which shows the presence of your business on the web, SEO auditing is the KEY for growing your business sustaining it on top of your web presence and performance to improve your business. 

The best tool as per my analysis I found Screaming Frog and Woorank  for SEO audit. 

Q.8 What is Google Algorithm and how it work in SEO?

A.8 Google’s algorithm is a multifaceted system used to rolling out to retrieve various data from its search directory and promptly deliver the best results for a request of search. The search engine uses a mixture of algorithms and numerous ranking indications to deliver result at webpages which ranked by significance on its search engine results pages (SERPs). Google’s algorithm works on the based on the so many factors, for user to search out Web pages that cover the keywords used to search and assigning a rank to each page with considering maximum search of the keywords appear on the page. 

Q. 9 Explain PPC and CTR?

Ans: It is the sum of money that advertiser pays to the host website when a user clicks on the advertisement called pay per click. In the analytics terms CTR = Clicks/Impressions percentage rate.

It is usually used to measure the ration of success campaign or effectiveness of campaign.  CTR works on Formula which is: 

CTR = Total measured Click/ Total measured Ad impressions * 100 

Q.10. Explain Google AdWords?

A.10 Google Adword developed by google for online advertising. This is one of the lucrative platform where people pay for per click to do their advertisement on Google with use of images, videos, content and many more campaigns. Google adwords helps to target the audience with specific segments and generate the business called as PPC ads. 

Google adword It focuses on keywords to run the advertisement with set of budget for ad.

Q.11 How to get backlink by best ways for your website?

A.11 A newly developed website have good chances to get quick and actual ordinary links. Guest posting is one of the best common way to take backlinks. To write guest post on reputable and trustable website is best technique to get link. 

Q.12 What is the Webmaster tools?

A.12 The assortment of web functions that assist owner of website that your website is Google friendly termed Google Webmaster. Webmaster tools gets applications for data search traffic, request to google for crawling and indexing the website, viewing crawl errors, and all reports.

Q.13 What is the Do follow and No-follow links in SEO?

A.13 Do-follow links permit search engines to follow and reach your website. It gives link and backlinks and No-follow link instructs, do not follow that hyperlink it impact the link target’s ranking in the search engine index to search engines bot. No follow links diminishes the efficiency of search engine spams and expands the quality of search engine results.

3.Social Media Marketing Interview Questions

Q.14 How can we measure the success campaigns of Social Media Marketing

A.14 Through using different metrics can measure Success of social media campaigns. Mainly Social campaigns work to get result for leads, traffic and engagement. Number of Followers on Social Media Page or Channels can help measuring the reach of Social Media Page and Generate insights with Analytics of Call, Like or Dislike and Actions. Hence, The Success Campaigns are measured by counting qualified leads and conversation. 

Q.15 What is Key Performance Indicators in social media marketing?

A.15 In the social media key performance indicators is social media reporting are shows in analysis of – Reach, Engagement, Leads, Traffic, Conversations, likes, dislikes, shares, Active followers. This insights called key performance indicators in social media marketing. 

Q.16 Why YouTube marketing is important in Digital marketing ?

A.16 YouTube is major platform in social media marketing. It present videos, to creative and informative videos in business can attract more customers helps to increase a SEO traffic, for a enlarge social reach, brand awareness and also ROI improvement. It is most important to make a channel on YouTube to sustain top on web presence, it works on the keywords, tubics, description in a YouTube channel of business. Google also take help of YouTube to search the keywords for the search engine page result.

Q.17 Which are the social media platforms ? Which one is most dynamic and profitable for a business ?

A.17 There are so many social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Linkden, Tiktok. All are the active and profitable platforms nowadays, as per the business can choose and make strategic plans for implementation. As per the product also can categorize the social media campaigns such as Linkden used for corporate business services to target audience with specific designation or company, facebook used to target audience with particular segments and Other then all social media platform used for brand awareness and traffic.

4. Common Interview Questions

Q.18 As per your belief, what could be the limitations of Digital Marketing ?

A.18 The only limitations hooked to Digital Marketing I belief that: 

Any well promoted products or services not purely perceptible, an ambiguity since the substantiation of product or service quality cannot be fully confirmed thru online. Sometime the products seen online is differing from the actual delivered product to the potential customer. 

Q.19 How our business will get benefits from Digital Marketing ?

A.19 ( With some personal and professional good experience should talk about the trend and upcoming years of trend , how this industry growing rapidly. Explain what skills, experience and knowledge you are having and going to advantage of the overall business.) 

As the digital marketing industry growing rapidly in nowadays, with the updated techniques we can make strategic planning and budgeting which can help us to improvement and top ranking on web presence for best performance. 

Q.20 To be an updated and live in the news and the current trends in this field what are the take-up for keeping yourself advanced?

A.20 (Rather deny or reply with nothing, should be presentable answer) 

To always to be live in current trend and market updates of Digital marketing, it is necessity to updated with blogs, webinars, podcasts, books and news. As digital marketing is very dynamic in 2023 and looking forward with upgradation also in coming years. 

With this, “Top Digital Marketing Interview Questions 2023” will surely help you to grant success. Wish you a good luck for your digital marketing career.

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